Our vision

A global City and UK financial services industry, serving the world and supported by a fair and competitive regulatory and taxation framework and the highest skills possible.

Objectives and Policy

  • To support the development and consolidation of the world’s leading financial centre in the City of London, and a strong and prosperous financial services industry throughout the UK
  • To help to achieve a radical reform of UK financial service regulation, creating a global regulatory framework and standards as an independent sovereign nation in equal partnership with other major financial centres, in contrast to the increasingly protectionist financial markets of the EU
  • To provide a well informed, unbiased and balanced representation of the mainstream views of the UK financial service industry and particularly the views of British owned firms and front line practitioners
  • To sponsor innovation and global product development, and specifically in maintaining Britain’s global standing in Fintech
  • To help to attract the top global financial services talent to the UK through the creation of appealing job opportunities and a benign tax environment and an appealing personal lifestyle
  • To encourage the reshoring of overseas financial services operations where appropriate and through regulatory reform, the growth of attractive liquid markets and services, and a suitable tax environment
  • To assist in growth in employment in the financial services industry across the UK through proportionate regulation together with a benign tax framework including Special Economic Zones, with particular emphasis on strengthening the Union and regional development, and specifically in centres like Edinburgh and Belfast
  • To promote appropriate detailed sectoral regulatory reform in support of practitioners and their representatives across all the diverse activities of the financial services industry
  • Without priority and in the fullness of time to support a balanced and beneficial financial services with the EU, representing and respecting the interests of independent and important international sovereign states

The CityUnited Project Team

The City United Project is led by a small but highly experienced team covering several disciplines.

Professor Daniel Hodson: Chairman, CityUnited Project and The City for Britain; Vice Chairman, The Independent Business Network.

Formerly Gresham Professor of Commerce, CEO of LIFFE, Deputy CEO of Nationwide Building Society, Chairman of the University of Winchester and the Design and Artists Copyright Society, a director of the London Clearing House and the Post Office.

Leigh Evans:  Vice-Chairman of the CityUnited Project in charge of Operations, Media & Marketing.

Formerly advisor on venture capital investments on behalf of an offshore trust, holding non-Exec Directorships in a diverse portfolio of companies; Founder and CEO of a global no.1 company providing services in over 100 countries around the world; currently active in Internet, marine, and publishing businesses.

Tom Bohills:  Vice-Chairman of the CityUnited Project and its Legal Counsel; Vice-Chairman of the Independent Business Network and Co-Founder of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs.

Tom is formerly the General Counsel of two UK Fintech companies and is now the Principal of Chronos Law, a boutique law firm with a focus on Technology.

Danny Corrigan:  Vice-Chairman of the CityUnited Project, Danny has worked in the international wholesale financial markets since the 1980s engaged in FICC trading, broking and clearing / regulatory reporting, mainly in the City of London but also based in Moscow, Astana, Tokyo, Sydney and recently Cyprus where he was CEO of ED&F Man Capital Markets. Previously CEO of CME European Trade Repository; a Managing Director at ICAP in London and before running derivatives and/or rates businesses at ING Moscow, NatWest Capital Markets and Bear Stearns in London. Also former member of the Bank of England’s Money Market Liaison Group.

In 2020 he co-founded London Reporting House: a regulatory data service start-up based in London working with major infrastructure firms and the wholesale financial community. Also currently a Trustee and Board member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and chairs its International Committee

He has written five books on the financial markets, most recently on Collateral.

The CityUnited Project’s Political Advisory Board

In addition to its Operating Committee, the CityUnited Project benefits from the significant expertise of its Political Advisory Board, whose members include:-

  • Sir Bernard Jenkin MP  (Chairman)
  • The Rt Hon David Jones MP
  • The Rt Hon The Lord Lamont of Lerwick PC
  • The Rt Hon The Lord Hannan of Kingsclere
  • Anne Marie Morris MP
  • David Campbell Bannerman (former MEP)
  • The Rt Hon The Lord Flight of Worcester

Our Contributors

Our contributors are naturally of the highest calibre: Dr Gerard Lyons, Martin Howe QC and  Professor Patrick Minford, as well as leading practitioners and City service providers whose names may be less familiar to you.