A must-watch video for all City professionals

60 minutes of stimulating discussion on the bright future ahead for the City and financial firms

“The time is ripe to do this now”

The Chairman of the rapidly influential CityUnited Project, Professor Daniel Hodson, has been making waves in the news this week.

On Tuesday 09 March 2021 he was interviewed on the influential Exchange Invest YouTube channel by Patrick L Young in his IPO-Vid series.  This interview turned into a tour de force, arising out of the expert and entertaining questioning by Patrick Young and his followers, and the insights and comments from Daniel Hodson based on a lifetime of City experience at the highest levels.

During the interview, Daniel expounded on the vision of The CityUnited Project for a global City and UK financial services industry, serving the world and supported by a fair and competitive regulatory and taxation framework and the highest skills possible.

Here are some of the subjects covered in this fascinating video

  1. 1. The huge prospects for the City in building offshore markets in parallel to internal EU protected “walled gardens”, cash and derivative, eg through dark pools and block trading
  2. 2. Ways for City public and private sector institutions, including the Lord Mayor, Corporation and Governor of the Bank of England to collaborate in promoting the many opportunities for the City and UK financial services
  3. 3. The benefits for the LSE and other UK platforms of an enhanced listing regime
  4. 4. The appetite for innovation in the City and particularly in the Fintech sector
  5. 5. Britain’s leadership in setting up new global financial regulatory structures, building on the natural linkages between London and centres such as Zurich, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Chicago, New York
  6. 6. Digital currencies
  7. 7. Radical reform for MiFID II and Solvency II
  8. 8. Fast-track approvals of new financial products
  9. 9. The importance of competitiveness, liquidity, and depth in financial markets and platforms, and the many benefits of City multi-product and multi-currency clearing, including cross-margining and capital requirements.
  10. 10. Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities for the City and financial services firms


As Patrick L Young said in concluding the conversation: “Brexit Britain?  All bets are on.”


About Patrick:

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Patrick L Young is a former exchange CEO and author of the world’s first bestselling book of fintech “Capital Market Revolution!” (FT 1999).